Yep, I’m Home

Thursday, July 19th, 2007, 11:19 am

After a rough flight from Vegas to Pittsburgh and hauling 100 pounds of crap up the three flights to my flat, I finally got some sleep after being awake for 40 hours straight. I staggered to the kitchen and infused myself with coffee, and that’s when I saw something that I hadn’t witnessed in nearly 2 months:

Sweet summer rain. Ran out on my balcony and lifted my face so the the gentle drops could kiss my cheeks.

Contrast this to the scene on my balcony yesterday morning:

So I’m home, back in the ‘Burgh, and glad to be here. Heck, got a volleyball game tonight. Of course I’ll be writing a lot more in the next few days, but probably not today. Today I’m in collapse mode.

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  1. Calistri's Corner Says:

    […] For seven weeks in Vegas, I woke up to a perfect azure sky that looked like it would crack in two as the blazing sun rose into it.  I can stand the heat; I’m from Texas after all.  It was the weather’s fragile sameness that was slowly driving me insane.   It has rained every day since I’ve been home and I am loving it.  I am the only one in Austin who is, however, as they spent the entire summer this way.  We have gotten more than twice our normal annual rainfall already this year.  Many of the lakes in the Colorado River system remain closed to boats as the dam gates are all still pegged open.  Most people feel perpetually damp and moldy.  My hair looks like a brunette Marge Simpson.  Our local weather radar station keeps repeating the well worn mantra “Turn Around.  Don’t Drown;” warning of the dangers of driving through low level crossings.  But I am at peace with the rain.  I notice that a few of my Vegas compatriates feel the same way.  Mean Gene’s first post when he got home was about the rain.  […]

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