Max Talbot At The World Series of Poker

Friday, July 6th, 2007, 5:21 pm

I wanted to track down Max Talbot when he played in the World Series of Poker Main Event and I just found out he’s playing today. He wasn’t seated in my section but one of our intrepid reporters in the field is a hockey fan and knew the name, so I was able to locate him and introduce myself. I’ll try to take a better picture later on (the players are heading out on break as I speak) but here’s #25 at the tables:

A player at his table joked that Max is beating their brains in, so I’ll sneak back to his table when I can and check his status.

UPDATE: Max has about 37K right now, up from the starting stack of 20,000. So far, so good. And here’s a much better picture than the last one:

UPDATE DEUX: Crap, Talbot is out. I was floating around coordinating our floor guys when I jumped across the aisle and saw that Table 51, Seat 1 had a different occupant. He’d been there just a few minutes earlier so I ran out of the Amazon Room and he was shaking hands with friends and heading down the hall. I tracked him down and got the skinny. He was short-stacked and pushed with A-10, running into A-Q.

He said, “I suck at poker,” which is something you NEVER hear poker players say. Even if it’s true, which I doubt in Maxime’s case. He had chips early on, made it past the dinner break, took a stand and got a bit unlucky. That’s the way it goes. But really a nice guy, every picture we took at PokerNews he got this big smile on his face. Had a nasty little cut right above his eye that was recently stitched shut. Occupational hazard. But it was cool following his play today. Wish he’d made it to Day 2.

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6 Responses to “Max Talbot At The World Series of Poker”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Interesting, does he wear headphones to drown out the noise of the crowds? What a lovely big smile!

  2. Maxime Talbot Plays All The Cards | sportsocracy [dot] org Says:

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  3. Lisa Lewis Says:

    I love Max
    he is good at hockey… but i have never seen him play poker

  4. PC Says:

    Great one man. I definitly will be following your blog in the future, or at least I keep it in my RSS 🙂

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