A Little Bit Of Fun

Friday, June 29th, 2007, 3:36 pm

After a month of grinding it out the last couple of days have been pieces of light, fluffy cake. The final table of the Seniors event lasted just 4 1/2 hours; yesterday’s Limit Hold-Em final table was finished after 5. Compare that to the H.O.R.S.E. final table that poor Pauly and B.J. covered yesterday, which lasted 17 hours.

So I had another early night, and adding frosting to the aforementioned cake was the news that I had Friday off. So it was time to have a little fun. First I had dinner with Pauly and Otis at the Tilted Kilt, where I had a couple of Basses and some wings, and then…then I didn’t know what I was gonna do.

Craig was out to dinner with Linda and the PokerWorks crew so I had some free time. Hmm…how about playing poker instead of watching? I thought about jumping in one of the $4-8 games, but then Jen Winter from the PokerNews crew said that the $10-20 were pretty mellow compared to the crazies playing $4-8 and might be the better move. So I sauntered over to the cash game area (I saunter better when I’ve had a couple) and looked at the board. There were, oh, 29 names on the $4-8 list, but none for the $10-20. Hmm. I’ve never played that high before, but who’s to say that I wouldn’t CRUSH that game. So I did more sauntering and walked over to Table #168 to see who I’d be preying upon.

I saw the shirt from 20 yards away, the logo from 10. Slouching in his chair, game face on, was Otis. I sauntered up to his table and kept on sauntering. While I would ENJOY playing poker with my PokerStars competition, I don’t think I wanted to sit down when he looked serious. Especially when you consider that, if my poker ability and experience could be defined by the variable x, Otis’ would be defined as 8x. Cubed. I kept a-sauntering until I was out of the Amazon Room.

I was still thirsty, still in the mood to gambool, so I went up to the famed Hooker Bar to play a little video poker and have a few. I didn’t spot any ladies of the night up there, maybe because it was only around 9pm and barely nighttime at all. I had a $25 ticket from a previous win and quickly blew through that, and then I blew through a C-note in about an hour on the coldest video poker machine I’ve ever seen. But I had fun, and the guy next to me saw Shannon Elizabeth and Annie Duke walk past and he did the head-swivel thing before telling me the news. I didn’t yawn, that would’ve been rude, but I’ve seen enough famous faces this month not to get too worked up.

Craig called to say that he was back in the Rio, so I finished blowing my hundred bucks and headed back, feeling pretty good about things. Had I sat down to play poker I probably would’ve lost more than that, a lot more than that, so I didn’t sweat it. As we headed out to the car Craig asked if I wanted to go somewhere and play, and I say, hey, sure. Sounded like a plan to me.

Silverton is on the way to the condo so we stopped there. Bigger than I thought it was (can’t see the whole thing from the road) and the poker room is a cozy little space just inside the door. We sat down at a fun and loosey-goosey $3-6 table and, after I folded about 15 hands in a row before the flop, I won pots with A-K and Aces and was off and running.

And then…and then about the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life walked in. She was the cocktail waitress. Now, when I say that she was “beautiful” I’m not saying that she was hot or sexy or cute…those adjectives are base and do not apply in this instance. I mean she was Beautiful, and if I capitalize that word in a pretentious, post-modern manner then sue me.

She looked like she’d spent her childhood up on Mount Olympus and was mingling with we pathetic mortals for reasons our puny intellects could never understand. Her blonde hair was pulled back and hung in a frothy ponytail at the top of her head, her honey-colored skin positively glowed, and she had the kind of cheekbones that Michaelangelo would’ve spent years trying to sculpt. She was absolutely breathtaking. I think I would’ve paid twenty bucks just to stare at her for a solid minute.

“Khohktells?” she asked, her accent coming from some Eastern European nation that recently shook off the Communist yoke. I guess those countries aren’t quite up to speed on the whole decadent culture-of-celebrity thing, because if there was any justice she would’ve been one of the most famous people on the planet. Maybe she came to America to speed the process along. Before she returns to Mount Olympus.

If you think that I’m overstating the case, ask Craig. When she walked past he gave me a look that said, “Holy CRAP” and when we left around 2AM the first thing he said was, “That was the best-looking cocktail waitress I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.” We both asked the obvious question–why the hell is she a cocktail waitress at Silverton? Why hasn’t the Louvre built another wing just for her to walk around in?

I won about fifty bucks, Craig lost about that much just donking around. Good time. And now I’m gonna head to the Strip, have lunch, and play some more poker. Actually, I should get going right now. So, wish me luck.

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