Getting Crispy

Monday, June 25th, 2007, 5:38 pm

It’s been a rough couple of days.

I haven’t been able to shake the cold I caught last week. I don’t feel that bad but it’s definitely sapped my energy. Late at night I really start to fade…like last night, when JoeSpeaker and Drizz and Otis and Spaceman decided to run to the Gold Coast after a late dinner for some hijinks. I begged off. I’d had a few beers, I’d finally eaten something after a 12-hour fast, and I’d had a hell of a day. My batteries were drained and I knew I couldn’t keep up, not even for a few hours. Turned out I made a good fold–I was practically out on my feet by the time I walked back to the Amazon Room.

I was actually still half out of it when Mr. Speaker saw me clattering away earlier that afternoon and came over to say hello. The ladies will be shocked to hear that I didn’t immediately recognize him, but the reason was that as I looked up he was silhouetted by the light fixture hanging over Table 37. Bathed in golden light, as you might say. I think he did it on purpose. But I didn’t swoon.

After I bailed on going to the Gold Coast and returned to the Amazon Room I checked up on Craig, who was playing in the $1,500 Mixed Hold-Em event. I saw that his stack was a bit lower that it’d been when I left a few hours before. Which isn’t good. He shrugged in that existential “Whaddya gonna do?” way of cold-decked poker players and tried to get something going. I went to my usual seat and did some busy work until his run lamentably came to an end.

And yes, Craig is wearing the same model of Bose noise-canceling headphones that I just bought. And am wearing at this moment. Love ’em, LOOOOOVE ’em!

Yesterday I also worked my first final table that was held in the Bluff Sequestrium, the curtained-off arena where Bluff live-streams the event on an hour-delay. It was a fricking nightmare. I worked from the Bluff control room, which is jammed with video screens and sound boards and gizmos and wires all over the place. The live commentary was going on in a curtained-off studio in the room so loud noises (like coughing and sneezing) were not encouraged. I found few square inches to set up my laptop and got to work.

And that’s when the nightmare began. See, in the control room I get to see the live feed. I see events as they happen. But, and it’s a big But, I can’t post anything about it for an hour. So when I saw something postworthy go down on one of the screens I had to scribble my notes down, QUIETLY bob and weave around the other folks in the room to my laptop, and write up a post in Word with a time-stamp on it. And then, as I went back to covering the live feed, I had to remember when an hour had passed and I could publish those embargoed posts.

It was nuts. I had to cut and paste and post while keeping an ear open to make sure I wasn’t missing something happening in real time. I was also wearing a radio so Jason could give me updates on the chip counts, chip counts I would then give to the Bluff folks to use for the broadcast. Totally nuts.

The final table only lasted about eight hours and was marked by one of the most boring heads-up matches I’ve ever seen. Limp, call, check it down. Limp, call, check it down. Raise, fold, Raise, fold. The one guy sucked out about 15 minutes after heads-up play began and then they carried on that way for another hour and a half. I don’t get claustrophobic but if I’d had to spend another few hours in there I would’ve started biting myself. It was fascinating to see the choreography required to produce a live broadcast like that, but I wasn’t there to observe. I was there to work, and it was a pain in the ass.

Today I’m covering the Senior’s Event…gonna be a trial. Just like the Ladies’ Event we don’t know a lot of the players in the field, and there’s a HUGE field today–1,880 players. And I’m assigned to this event all the way to the final table. I’m starting to think I’m in the doghouse.

Well, maybe I’ll get out a bit early tonight, have a chance to grab a beer and hang out a little. Or, I might be here until 2AM again. That’s the gig.

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  1. AgSweep Says:


    Ask Drew for some emergen-C will help fight the cold.

  2. drizzdj Says:

    Keep up the great work Gene, and great seeing you!

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