Ominous Clouds Gather!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007, 12:27 pm

I nearly conked out last night at 9PM, not good. I’m trying to get my circadian rhythms set for Pacific time and that wouldn’t have helped. So I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and headed down to the IP’s new poker room. Priority #1 was to stay awake till at least midnight. Number two was to win the money.

The good news is that I stayed up till 12:30! The bad news is that I dropped a hundred bucks playing $2-4 limit. I just wanted a nice friendly game where I didn’t have to use my brain, and that’s what I got. Had a good time, folks were nice, dealers were friendly. Had a couple of beers too. Well, more than a couple. Five, I think.

But the cards! They smote me! Things started off poorly when I hit top two against a guy who flopped a set. Then I flopped trip nines and built a nice pot…until the attractive blonde in the one seat also turned over J-9. “You play that garbage?” she actually said to me.

Four times I had AK and lost thrice. A guy rivered a gutshot on me. I had a guy on the hook with aces when I made 2 pair with QJ, but the board paired fours and another big pot eluded me. Not once all night did I hit a draw, even on the last hand when I tossed in my little all with an open-ender.

But I managed to stay up “late” and enjoyed myself. Mission Accomplished.

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