Liverpool vs. AC Milan

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007, 2:13 pm

Two years ago I was at work following the Liverpool-AC Milan final thru ESPN GameCast. After Milan took a 3-0 lead I shut it down and went back to doing my actual job. I checked back an hour or so later to read the game story…only to find the game was in penalties. That’ll learn me.

Last year I liveblogged my Gunners losing to Barcalona, and this year I’m in the bar with my brother to watch AC Milan try to take their revenge. The beer is cold, the wings are hot, the WiFI signal is strong, and our waitress is a doll. JoeSpeaker himself couldn’t wish for more…although there are two guys wearing red-and-black striped jerseys here. We’ll outsing them.

UPDATE: Liverpool dominates the action…and trails at halftime, thanks to a brilliant handball by Inzaghi. That goal wouldn’t have counted in the NHL.

Did I mention our waitress is a doll? A pretty, hot doll, who is treating us like Arabian sheiks? Lately every customer-service interaction I’ve had has been top-notch. What’s changed in America?

UPDATE UPDATE: OK, Inzaghi was onside…though the other guy wasn’t. Still, good goal. Jeez, what a dull game. Compare this to NHL playoff hockey…well, don’t. One is the Beautiful Game. One is the Greatest Game on Ice.

Tell you what–playing poker in a bar, six beers in, in the afternoon, is very nice. Very nice indeed.

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4 Responses to “Liverpool vs. AC Milan”

  1. wizard1974uk Says:

    I thought American’s excelled at customer service. You should see the customer service here in the UK, it can be apalling at times/

  2. Hadji Says:

    You want fries with that?

  3. Proto Says:

    Is Barcalona where the Barca-lounger comes from?

  4. Abby Says:


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