The Heavy Hitters

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007, 10:58 am

As you’ve no doubt read elsewhere, PokerNews will be providing live updates and chip counts at this year’s World Series of Poker, and I will be a part of the pirate crew supplying Total Coverage. I am honored, humbled, and, yes, a little bit frightened to be working with such an elite force–Pauly and Amy and Change100 and BJ and the Shrink and a bunch of other hardnose, hardcore reporters. And me.

Seven weeks in Vegas. Jeepers. Reading about Pauly and Otis’s hijinks the last two years I’ve dreamed about covering the WSOP myself, and now that I’ve got my chance it all seems a bit surreal. Not that living and working in Las Vegas for nigh on two months won’t be extra-surreal.

Actually, things have been weird for me on many fronts lately. The thing is, all the weird stuff has been GOOD weird stuff, which is a nice change of pace.

And yes, it has been pointed out to me that, at some time during the World Series, I might find myself in the same room as Isabelle Mercier. I think “petrified” is the right word to describe how I feel about that. But I’m sure Pauly and Otis won’t do anything to embarrass me. If I thought they might, goodness, I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

I’m still writing for the UltimateBetBlog, which is undergoing some major upgrades as we speak. When the new and improved site is up and running I will trumpet the news far and wide. And this site is also going to be changing in a big way in the near future…but I think you’ve had about all the news you can handle at one sitting.

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5 Responses to “The Heavy Hitters”

  1. Pauly Says:

    Glad to have you on board!! Get ready to start drinking about two beers every night on your diinner break.

  2. change100 Says:

    I’m so psyched you’re on the team! Bring your spare liver.

    *double kiss*

  3. BJ Nemeth Says:

    You’re a hell of a writer, Gene, and I look forward to working with you. Glad you could make it out for the summer.

    Isabelle’s a great girl, and very approachable. (Dare I say that she’s even more attractive in person?) We’ll definitely introduce you to her early in the Series.

    But —

    Don’t expect one of those European double-air kisses right away; you have to work up to that, and one World Series probably isn’t enough time. It’s probably for the best, since we’d just have to haul your passed-out body back to the media room.

  4. Amy C Says:

    Mean Gene is in da house. Man this is gonna rock. And don’t believe BJ about your chances with Isabelle: It might have taken him a long time for those double air kisses, but I suspect you’ll be getting euro smooch action in no time. I set the over/under at twelve days.

    Can’t wait!

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