Wish I’d Thought Of That One

Monday, May 7th, 2007, 4:35 pm

I can’t say that I follow baseball all that closely (living in Pittsburgh will do that to you) and I find the media’s obsessive coverage of the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry pathetic–it’s the battle between the Bad Guys and the Worse Guys.

Still, the Yankees signing Roger Clemens elicited a fantastic one-liner from one of Bill Simmons’ readers. In an act of stupendous self-regard Clemens yesterday announced to the crowd in the middle of the game that he was signing with the moribund Yanks. Which inspired this line from a John F. in Kansas:

“This is historic … who ever heard of a rat jumping ON a sinking ship?”


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4 Responses to “Wish I’d Thought Of That One”

  1. donkeypuncher Says:

    Tagged. See my last post. Yeah, I know. This is gay…

  2. Amy C Says:

    Sorry Gene, but you’ve been tagged. Yup the 7 Things About Me Blog Chain has found its way to you.

  3. Amy C Says:

    Crap. Donkeypuncher beat me to it. Argh….next victim.

  4. What role do Austrians play in Says:

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