Celebrity Ain’t What It Used to Be

Saturday, May 5th, 2007, 4:31 pm

They hockey game ends and the Derby coverage begins and NBC leads with the Queen of England entering Churchill Downs. OK, yes, that’s nice, the Queen is attending the Derby.

Then they shows quick shots of other celebrities attending today’s race.

Gene Simmons. Jenny McCarthy. And then they show Cybill Shepherd, but they don’t actually give her name.

These people are celebrities?

Then they have the “red carpet” with the glitterati walking in. And so we get to hear Nick Lachey and his new girlfriend (I didn’t catch her name) chatting about the ponies.

These people are celebrities?

I understand that horse racing isn’t as popular as it was way back when, but does NBC have to rub it in by showing Gene Simmons and Jenny McCarthy?

UPDATE: They had some guy talking to Jenny McCarthy about handicapping the race. I had to hit the MUTE button. It would not shock me if her voice was employed by interrogators at Guantanamo Bay.

Jesus Christ. They’re interviewing Jennifer Tilly…and Phil Laak. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. And as I had the damn TV on MUTE, I didn’t hear if they informed the viewers who the hell Phil Laak is. And, actually, chances are more Americans know who Phil Laak is than Cybill Shepherd.

Loved Phil’s hat, by the way. And Jennifer’s ensemble was a delight as well. Think I’m gonna start drinking. Excuse me.

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