Who’s The Idiot Here?

Sunday, April 8th, 2007, 2:54 am

Played a tournament tonight. 1500 players. I staggered into the money, doubled up, doubled up again. I had an above-average stack and picked up aces under the gun. I raised, and the only caller was in the big blind. The flop came king-high, he led out for $3K, I came over the top for $15K more. He thought a bit and called with K-8. He went runner-runner to make a gutshot and knocked me out in 102nd place.

Played for three hours, played well…and I made a profit of two bucks. OK, I’m playing these micro MTTs to work on some things in my game…but WTF am I doing playing for three hours to make a two-buck profit? True, had I won that last hand I would’ve had a halfway decent stack and maybe could’ve made a run at a nice little score.

But…Geno…sack up and start playing with the big boys and girls. Maybe splurge for a $10 tournament? The bankroll can fade that.

My buddy Rick was over to watch the Penguin game and he enjoys playing cheapo 45-person SNGs. Came in 2nd in one tournament, and on 5 occasions I sucked out to defeat the eventual winner. He had me dominated with a bigger ace four times, and once he had QQ to my 66. Maybe I used up all the luck in my computer and that’s why my aces got cracked. That seems plausible.

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  1. Short-Stacked Shamus Says:

    Had a similar exper. yesterday. Played in the PokerWire freeroll (1700 players). Limped into the money & then busted out w/my hopelessly short stack. 2.5 hours = $1.30 profit. What’s more absurd is how much worse I’d feel about the time wasted if I’d bubbled . . . .

    I suppose pain in poker ain’t always perfectly proportioned to profit. (Must be true, ‘cos of the alliteration.)

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