Goin’ For A Walk

Saturday, March 24th, 2007, 12:10 am

The non-traveling call on Jeff Green at the end of the G-Town-Vandy game was…appalling? About as bad as it gets. Not only does he hop on his pivot foot a few times, he goes ahead and does a whole ‘nother spin move to get away from the double team. And gets his desperation heave to kiss glass and go through the iron. Pretty sick, that.

If it wasn’t for Acie Law IV honking a layup I’d have all eight Elite teams in the bracket I filled out for the mondo pool I’m in with like 600 people. I also have seven of the eight in my leading bracket in Pauly’s pool. I need Carolina to make the final to have any chance (have them winning in one and runner-upping in another) so I was happy to see the Tar Heels come back against an exhausted USC team. What’s the deal with teams coming back from HUGE second half deficits? VCU did it to Pitt, Ohio State came back on Tennessee, and Carolina tonight. That damn three-point shot, no lead is ever safe.

UPDATE: Of course I see that the person in first place in Pauly’s pool has ALL EIGHT Elite teams. Showoff. Crap. But if Carolina wins it all, I might be OK. Go Heels!

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2 Responses to “Goin’ For A Walk”

  1. StB Says:

    And of course the player denies that he walked.

  2. HammerPlayer aka Hoyazo Says:

    That no-call didn’t bother me much, actually. I would not have called it had I been the referee in the game either. Although in slow-mo it is clear that he travelled. But that’s just not a call that I want refs making at the end of games.

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