The World Series of Poker…In England

Monday, February 26th, 2007, 10:36 am

Harrah’s just announced that the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe will be held in London from September 6-16. Am I the only one who thinks that this is, like, a really horrible idea? From a brand dilution standpoint? Unless Harrah’s plans on moving the entire WSOP from Vegas to London next year. Which ain’t gonna happen. Not that anything surprises me these days.

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6 Responses to “The World Series of Poker…In England”

  1. Chipper Says:

    I think this situation is an inevitable evolution of poker. The European Union simply wants to have it’s own version. Why let Vegas have all the fun? Sure, it’s not going to get the notoriety that the main WSOP gets, but it will draw players nonetheless.

  2. Drizztdj Says:

    Pretty soon the WSOP is going to start feeling like going to McDonald’s, its the same no matter where you go, and lose the luster of “playing in the WSOP”.

  3. MT Says:

    Well you have wsop circuit event’s in new orleans and stuff, whats the difference? It has nothing to do with the EU at all, by bringing such an event to europe will only increase poker’s popularity and remove some of the “gambling” aspects people associate with the game because they have never played it.. This will be a good thing.

  4. Wwonka Says:

    It will be interesting to see how many entries they get.

    It is stupid of them to do it so soon after the U.S. Version.


  5. MT Says:

    WTF? the main event is £10,000, thats almost double the price of the U.S main event!?!?!

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