I Got Nuthin’

Friday, February 23rd, 2007, 10:57 am

Haven’t been writing. Well, that’s not true. Been writing a TON. Just not here. I apologize. Some nice stuff has been happening lately. Y’know…nice. Let’s leave it at that. But there are days when I find myself smiling even after I read Bill’s latest posts.

Just a couple of poker-related things so I don’t lose my WPBT membership. I was watching a taped episode of this season’s High Stakes Poker, and there was a hand where Doyle Brunson was trapping Jamie Gold. I know, there were quite a few of those. But as Doyle decided how much money he was going to liberate from Gold’s stack they cut to a shot of Mike Matusow happily drumming on the rail with a goofy smile on his face. He was bouncing around in his chair and a deadpan Gabe Kaplan said, “You don’t have any Ritalin on you, do you A.J.?” I totally lost it. Somehow I missed that line the first time I saw it and I laughed so hard I think I coughed up blood.

This season hasn’t been as good as the previous ones, and I blame the new players. Not that it isn’t interesting to see guys like Gold, Paul Wasicka, Bill Chen and Victor Ramdin play, but none of them bring much personality to the table. Actually, of the four I think Chen was the most animated and chatty, and he’s the math genius. Hey, has anyone actually READ “The Mathematics of Poker”? I bought it purely out of professional interest, and then I cracked it open and saw pages filled with equations. I laughed at the mere thought of me trying to fumble my way through and put it on the shelf. I’ll give it a shot some other day.

Daniel Negreanu has a post today where he talks about seeing Citizen Kane for the first time. He writes thusly: “Now, the “theme” had been done, and redone in other films like, Click, Family Man, and several others, but a classic is a classic.” Is this the first time Orson Wells’s masterpiece has been compared to an Adam Sandler flick? Quite possibly.

I won a SNG yesterday by knocking out the final four players. In every instance I had the other guy dominated when the money went in…and no one sucked out. Not a one. Yeah, I know, I got a bit freaked too. Kept waiting for the piano to fall on me.

I will try to get back into the posting swing of things. I was going to post some cool pics of Daytona…but I didn’t take many good ones. My friend Mark is right, it’s better to take pictures with people in them as opposed to just pictures of the scenery. Don’t think a pic of the hotel is gonna thrill you.

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