Still Alive

Saturday, February 17th, 2007, 10:14 am

Sick as a dog. Brought a cold back from Florida and after it took a brief hiatus, it clobbered me yesterday. I’ve been meaning to do a little photo dump from Daytona, but not today. Not now, anyway.

A few random observations:

  • Does anyone have a clue how to play AK? I’m so gunshy with it now that I wince everytime I see a flop with it. That happens when you run top pair into a set two times in a row and then twice again getting all your chips in on a scary board…only to have your opponent also turn over AK. It kinda sucks to make a good call and only chop the pot.
  • The Mustang convertible we drove around down there was a nice car. Nice looking, nice to drive. I like Mustangs. One teensy complaint–why the hell did Ford ruin the car by making the interior so friggin’ cheap? The spokes of the steering wheel look like brushed stainless…no, they’re plastic. And crappy plastic at that. And the gearshift? It’s one of those low, cylindrical shifters that looks a bit like the throttle control of a fighter jet. Fine. Thing is, the plastic was so flimsy I thought I could twist it off with a jerk of my wrist. It was like it was manufactured by Fisher-Price, not Ford Motor Company. Inexcusable. They could’ve spent an extra $500 and made a huge difference to the overall feel of the car. That they didn’t boggles my mind. Well, I guess there’s a reason why Ford lost like $16 billion last year. And the Mustang is one of their SUCCESSFUL models.
  • I played in a little tournament last night before I passed out from my cold meds, and over the space of four hands aces were cracked twice and kings once. And I did one of the crackjobs. Felt good.

OK, that’s all from me. Feel awful. Just wanted to put something up. Nap time.

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  1. Darcy Says:

    Get well soon!

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