I Used To Be Disgusted, But Now I Try To Be Amused

Sunday, February 4th, 2007, 4:22 pm

Every day brings more and more bad news to the poker community. It looks like folks who had money with Neteller might never see it again, as the Feds have decided to call dibs on it. Part of an alleged criminal enterprise, don’t you know. And then this past Friday Mansion Poker decided to leave the US market.

Which I found interesting, as I’m watching the Penguin game and they just had an ad for the Mansion Poker/Poker Dome show. Huh. Mansion Poker (the .net version, but still) is advertising on US televsion. Just an hour ago I watched Mike Matusow defeat Antonio Esfandiari for the Poker Superstars 3 title. Matusow wore his Full Tilt gear; Antonio dazzled in his magenta UltimateBet chemise.

If there’s anything in this world that I hate, that I cannot abide and feel the need to scream and rant about, it’s hypocrisy. Saying one thing, doing another. The more worldly among you might want to pat me on the head and say, “Geno, hypocrisy is what makes the world go ’round”. And I’m not that naive, believe me. I guess what especially bothers me these days is that the hypocrisy is so transparent, so blatant, there isn’t even any attempt to gloss it over. I think this is because people are either too stupid to see the hypocrisy, or they’re so lazy they don’t care.

I’m not just talking about poker, of course. The state of poker these days is merely a convenient way of illustrating my point. One that I have a personal interest in, of course.

I’m gonna go watch the Super Bowl and drink. The Super Bowl. Biggest gambling day of the year. Watch your back, people.

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