Worst. Morning. Ever.

Friday, February 2nd, 2007, 1:08 pm

Woke up with a big of a morning head, so I decided to play a little poker before digging in for the day. After dropping, oh, 10% of my bankroll in an hour I decided to call it quits.

How did this catastrophe occur?

  • Lost to set-over-set…twice. Only lost 2/3 of my stack on the one, small blessing.
  • I have AK of diamonds, flop comes A-J-6, two diamonds. Couldn’t help but get the money in. I end up getting stacked by AJ when I get no help.
  • I lose three big pots in quick succession to flushes that hit the river. Flopped a set, then the nut straight, on the last I turned the nut straight. Bet big. To no avail.
  • I have aces and see a Hammerflop–7-2-2. I pay off pocket sevens.

One of those days. Well, one of those hours.

UPDATE: After I posted this I put on some laundry, did some dishes, poured myself a nice glass of milk. Think I was still in a bit of shock. It isn’t the amount of money that I lost–fairly piddling, and I’ve been running good lately. It’s just how quickly in succession these hands came. My head’s spinning. True, I was crushed preflop in half of them (and even more crushed after the flop). But, jeepers. It was the second set-over-set that tilted me into paralysis. I’d already decided to quit. I knew I was in a bad state. I’m dealt a pair, hit the set, and I thought “here’s where I turn a disaster into a speed bump”. Uh, no.

Another glass of milk should get me grounded again.

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