What’s a Mook?

Thursday, January 25th, 2007, 12:48 am

Haven’t watched Mean Streets in awhile. That’s one of my favorite lines from it. “I’m a mook…what’s a mook?”

Finished 19th in the Mookie tonight as DuggleBogey knocked me out. That’s twice in two weeks. I chipped up early thanks to hitting a pair and the nut flush draw and after pushing I rivered poor Katitude. Then I had the very real pleasure of having Otis sit down on my right with a big stack. As I said at the time, awesome.

I tread water until I was moved to a new table (my system glitched and I didn’t get to the table until my timer beeped) and I had pocket 8s. I raised, Duggle re-raised, and I pushed. He had AQ and flopped. I didn’t even get to say hello before I had to say goodbye.

Because I’m vain and insecure in equal measures I checked my SiteMeter stats today and got rather a shock. Lots and lots of hits, about 5x normal. I looked to see where all these folks were coming from and got another shock. Seems that Justin Fox, who writes the Curious Capitalist blog for Time Magazine, linked to something I wrote. Not something poker-related–it was my little snit-fit about the Post-Gazette using “Mr.” and “Mrs.” when referring to someone and wasting all that space. So that was pretty cool. Though I wonder how the hell he found his way here…

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3 Responses to “What’s a Mook?”

  1. Justin Fox Says:

    I was doing a blog search (can’t remember if it was Google or Technorati) on the phrase “no wonder newspapers are struggling.”

    Happy to give you the traffic. Although it mostly came from Achewood.

  2. anon Says:

    wow gene, you’ve become a semi-celeb

    and by the way, newspapers are strug—-lllll- iiiiing

  3. mookie99 Says:

    Love the title…thanks for playing in The Mookie.

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