Suckout City

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 12:16 am

To say that I finished 5th in Wil’s tournament thanks to some disgusting suckouts does not do justice to the word “disgusting”. A word I’m all-too-familiar with.

After losing a race I was down to T235 before beginning my comeback. I don’t recall all the ludicrous hands that got me off life support, but I think at least twice I went runner-runner to make a straight when I was dominated preflop. Kept wriggling off hooks. Then I caught a few hands to get some breathing space before going card dead. My lone chance to win the thing passed when I laid down 44 when DuggleBogey (who had about 3/4 of the chips in play) and another player (I forget whom) raised and re-raised. I let my fours go, only to see one pop on the flop. I was just trying to scuttle up the money ladder, and I can’t be disappointed with 5th when I should’ve finished 25th. Nor am I disappointed.

Finished 5th here, won a SNG earlier. And I shouldn’t have even been home–I was going to a local blogger/podcaster/media meeting a bar near where I used to live when my car wouldn’t start in the subzero temperatures. Been having car trouble lately and I didn’t get it looked at today. My bad.

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