Saturday, January 13th, 2007, 2:52 am

Played a tournament tonight. Tiny buy-in, just played for fun. 2295 starters.

With 200 left I was tenth in chips. I played most of the night at a passive table with the tourney chip leader two to my left, making my blind stealing troublesome. But after I won a couple of huge hands (QQ vs. three players who all had medium aces, then I turned trips against a guy who slowplayed his top pair) I was moved to a new table with a much better setup. Small stacks to my left who didn’t want to tangle with me. Why don’t we steal away?

Then I’m dealt Ah-8h in middle position. I raise and the one caller is the only guy even close to me in chips. The flop comes A-9-8. I bet, he raises me, I re-raise all-in. He calls. The only hand I was afraid of was pocket nines. He has pocket nines. I don’t catch and I’m down to 9K.

The very next hand I’m dealt pocket tens. With two limpers I raise all-in and get a caller with KQ. The flop comes 9-6-10. I hit my set. Ace on the turn, Jack on the river. And I’m out in 151st place. I’m in the top ten, and I’m out in 2 hands.

Feel pretty bloody awful. Played well (relatively speaking) the whole way, with maybe that A-8 hand the only one I’d like to have back. But there was no money except for the final table, and that’s what I was fighting for. He could’ve had AK.

How the hell do you guys who play the big MTTs and live tournaments deal with the crushing of the soul? You’re sick.

Gonna start playing more tournaments, tho. Fun. Apart from all that soul-crushing.

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  1. Julius_Goat Says:

    I am feeling your pain for you, more than a little bit. Been there, screamed that, punched my desk.

    I don’t know if there’s any remedy for the almost inevitable case of cold-deckery that occurs in a massive field MTT.

    Except another MTT, of course.

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