Chris Berman– Asshole

Sunday, January 7th, 2007, 12:17 pm

On NFL Countdown this morning, Chris Berman said, “With Pittsburgh out of the picture, New England is kind of the defending champions!”. What an asshole.

And who the hell cares (besides Berman and the bootlicks at ESPN) if Bill Belichek and Eric Mangini are “feuding”? How about this–how about Belichick and Mangini have a pre-game hug? How about they stare into each other’s eyes whispering sweet nothings before they tenderly kiss, maybe with Belichick wiping away a stray tear from Mangini’s cheek. Jesus Christ, who cares if these two guys don’t like each other? Unless they get into a helmet-swinging brawl on the field, WHO THE HELL CARES??

It’s like ESPN’s obsession with all things Terrell Owens–WHO THE HELL CARES?? I know, ESPN has 24 hours to fill each day (more if you count ESPN2 and ESPN Radio and the Magazine etc etc) and you can only run SportsCenter, let’s see…16 times each day. But they make it sound like breaking news that Terrell Owens is a selfish asshole. First of all, that’s news? Second, WHO CARES?

ESPN has an ombudsman named George Solomon, but he’s a joke. He makes an appearance every month or so to slap someone on the wrist and waggle his finger, which I’m sure makes everyone in Bristol snap to attention. He never addressed the added chips in the World Series of Poker Main Event, even as Lon MacEachran disgracefully covered it up.

From my own experience three years ago trying to attend the NFL Draft, I know to what magnitude ESPN can suck. At least they don’t employ Deion Sanders. That’s the best I can say about them right now.

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