Thirteen Dollars of Pure Profit

Saturday, January 6th, 2007, 11:23 pm

So I’m on a bad streak. Running bad in the cash games, snakebit in the tourneys. Last night I lost with AK to 2-3. Today I had a guy call with AJ against my KK after the flop, and he aced on the river. Then in the other tourney I had chips and my expletive-deleted connection went and stayed went for 2 hours.

I invite the guys over for the playoff games, and Rick likes to play some low-limit tourneys while we watch football. He goes out early a few times before building up a big stack in another 45-person SNG thanks to a miracle 4 on the river that saves his bacon. We make the final table in 2nd chip-position. “Geno, take over,” Rick says. “Take it the rest of the way.”

Heh heh.

Me and another big stack split a testy pot when we both turn over K-3 on a king-high board. And then, disaster! I have pocket fives and the flop comes A-5-9. There are two hearts on the board and I no longer finesse my sets. I bet out, the chip leader is the only caller. The turn is a blank, I bet the pot, he calls. The flop is a nine, giving me a boat. He checks and I push in my few remaining chips. He has A-9. I finish one off the money.

The pain…the pain…

But we’re in another tourney, and Rick goes krayzee. He’s stacking people left and right. He’s cracking aces, he’s trapping with aces. He wins a huge pot when his top two holds up against straight and flush draws. We hit the final table with twice as many chips as everyone else. “Geno, take over!” Rick says.

Can I close the deal?

Oh, how I bulled that final table, how I stole it’s lunch money and gave it wedgies! When it got to heads up we were even in chips, but I flopped trip kings and he had a flush draw. I bet, he raised, I pushed, he called…and I turned the case king. Victory, she is mine!

Thirteen dollars of pure profit. Well, twelve dollars and eighty cents. Don’t bring me down, man!

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3 Responses to “Thirteen Dollars of Pure Profit”

  1. dragonystic Says:

    you sir, are king amongst men.

  2. Darcy Says:

    I don’t know what most of it means, but it sure is amusing the way you write it. Congrats on your $13. Don’t spend it all in one place!

  3. Semra Says:

    do to an auto accident 2004 i wokerd as an school bus driver and could not return to work due to major injury i had to withdraw my pention and now i have to pay penalities i also resign now i am back into the school system what can i invest in to catch up? i am 55yrs old.

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