Pittsburgh In Microcosm

Friday, January 5th, 2007, 5:10 pm

Bill Cowher resigned as Steeler head coach today. He didn’t retire. When asked if he was tired of coaching he said, “Do I look burned out?” This time next year he’ll be at a press conference announcing his hiring in Carolina, or New York, or Cleveland.

Bill Cowher is doing what hundreds of thousands of Pittsburghers have done the last 25 years or so. He’s moving to greener pastures. He’s moving to North Carolina where the winters are mild. He couldn’t make as much as he wanted here so he’ll go somewhere else where he can get the money he wants. That’s happened all too often here.

Chuck Noll was hired the year I was born. Bill Cowher was hired the year I graduated from college. Sad to see him go, but we all had a hell of a run the last 15 years.

Au revoir, but not adieu. Gonna be weird rooting against Cowher in 2008.

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2 Responses to “Pittsburgh In Microcosm”

  1. AlCantHang Says:

    At least you still have a hockey team.

    errr, nevermind.

  2. Gydyon Says:

    It’s going to be seriously odd when he shows up in Carolina.

    And we’ll have Russ Grimm.

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