Right Here In River City

Saturday, December 30th, 2006, 4:58 pm

Went to a party last night and brought a case of Yuengling along. There was plenty of beer and my case didn’t get drunk, so my hosts said to take it home. Planned on bringing it to our New Year’s Eve party tomorrow night.

I went to the library to pick up two CD’s I ordered, and when I got home I realized the case wasn’t in my back seat. Thought I put it there…but maybe I put it in the trunk instead.

Looked in the trunk. No beer.

My buddy Rick brought a cooler to the party last night and when I dropped him off he opened my right-rear door to get it out. I didn’t re-lock that door when I got home (it was still unlocked when I noticed the beer was AWOL), so I think someone in my complex saw that I had a case of beer in the back seat, tested the door, found it open, and made off with it.

That’s pretty weak.

They didn’t take the six-pack of Wild Cherry Pepsi I had on the floor (didn’t have enough free hands to bring it up after shopping the other day) and they didn’t take the Polartek jacket with all the cat hair on it. Just the Yuengling.

Well, I’d planned on buying two cases last night, but only bought one. So the robbery could’ve been twice as bad. I’ll just have to go out and get another case. Life goes on.

But from now on, I’ll be watching.



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