Here’s How Good I Am At Poker

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006, 10:42 pm

After watching about 60 hours of poker the last 10 days I decided to actually PLAY a bit tonight. Signed up for Wil Wheaton’s tourney and promptly donked off 1/3 of my stack calling with KQ against AK. Brilliant. I fight back to about par when this hand happens. I have the AK of diamonds and raise. PugMaggie raises all-in and I naturally call. She has pocket nines. A-racing we will go.

And the flop…is all diamonds. I flop the nut flush. Very nice, yes? Except that one of those diamonds is a nine “Uh-oh” I type in chat. The turn is the Jack of diamonds. All those light-blue diamonds…it’s a very pretty board.

Right up to the point where the case nine hits.

Sigh. I’m so good at poker, so very, very good, that it takes quads to beat me. Or, conversely, we could say that I’m so bad at poker, so very, very bad, that I can’t even win when I flop the nut flush. I’m gonna go eat a gallon of chocolate chunk ice cream and call my mommy and hope that makes everything better.

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