Has It Really Been a Year Since Brokeback Mountain Came Out

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006, 5:51 pm

I’m not at all crushed that I won’t be joining everyone for this year’s WPBT blowout. No, yinz go an have fun without me. Really.

I fully expect there to be a large number of Stetson-wearing gentlemen with diminished net worths come Sunday night. Whoever thought to schedule the blogger events year after year with the National Rodeo Finals is a genius.

Tell you what, come Saturday afternoon I’m going to be dying for a bacon cheeseburger from the Burger Palace at the IP.

Well, maybe not.

Those of you who are going out for the first time, I have this advice…have fun. I didn’t say it was good advice, or useful advice. That’s the best I can do. Chances are you’ll have fun without any guidance from me.

Sigh. Think I’ll just get planked Saturday afternoon and pass out on the toilet. Sort of my civic duty, bloggerwise. Sigh.

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2 Responses to “Has It Really Been a Year Since Brokeback Mountain Came Out”

  1. Daddy Says:

    What size of fitted hat do you wear?

  2. Thao Says:

    Nomizw ta metras lahtos…katarxein den ekanes ena douzaki prin pas stin plazzz?? ara? +1, den ekanes kai ena ama thn epistrofi apo thn plazzz?? vale +1 akomi…Mipws efages kai ipovrihio (triantafylo i mastiha)??? prin, meta i kata thn diarkeia tis plazzz???? E tote tha valeis +1 opws kai dipoteThn epomeni fora pou tha pas sthn plazzz ektos apo to na foras tirkouaz..pare kai ton klassiko mavropinaka mazi kai trava gramoules kathe fora pou tha vgeneis apo mia voutia…episeis etsi tha simeiwneis kai tis peina kolada pou tha pineis 🙂 alla kai ta briosakia 🙂 Ektos an perneis to taper me ta biftekia opote ekei tha simeiwneis to taper!!Ase mas re Provate…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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