Pure Profit!

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006, 7:29 pm

I was up until 3AM blogging the first event of the UltimateBet Online Championship–you were following along, right–so how did I spend my afternoon? By playing in a tournament! Hey, all that watching gave me the itch.

Finished 27th out of 567 players, earning me a profit…that is too embarrassing to mention here. Three and a half hours of work, and I have enough for a trip to Wendy’s. Never really had any chips, but every time I was scratching the felt I picked up a hand and doubled up. I did steal the blinds with an all-in push on the button whilst holding the Hammer–which I duly showed down. I hoped that might get me a call when I actually had a hand, but when I pushed with AK a few hands later everyone got out of my way. Sigh.

I take it from the comments that many would-be UB blog readers would like an RSS feed. You lazy bastards! Ahh, I hear you. Any changes/tweaks will probably have to wait until after the UBOC ends…did you know there’s a PLO tournament tonight? Why not sign up and play!/shill

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