Shameless Shilling Time!

Thursday, November 30th, 2006, 8:14 pm

Thanks to everyone to offered congratulations on my new gig with UB. And, uh, just to let everyone know, the UltimateBet Online Championships begin tomorrow night! It’s a $125,000 guarantee and right now there are only 98 players signed up. Of course that’ll change the sooner we get to the start, but those of you who’d might like to see a little extra +EV in their stocking, check it out.

Did some afternoon running around and stopped over at Borders. During my browsing I found myself confronted by a wall display that was all Rachael Ray. Did you know she has SEVEN books out right now? Plus I saw in the music section that she has a collection of holiday classics. And she has four or five shows on Food Network. And a nationally syndicated talk show. Here’s my question–is anyone testing her urine?

Ripping on Rachael Ray is pretty much automatic among foodies, so I won’t do it here. But I’d like to go on record that the multimedia push to make her catchphrase “Yum-O!” an integral part of our lingo is going to get some people condemned to Hell. If there’s any justice.

It gets dark here around 4:30 in the afternoon. We’ve heard so much about Global Warming–anyone checking into a trend toward Global Darkening? Must remember to see if there’s been a dramatic increase in rickets around the world.

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  1. on_thg Says:

    You can get yet another Rachael Ray cookbook by purchasing six boxes of Triscuits and sending $4.99 to the good folks at Nabisco. Offer on box.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    btw, congrats.

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