My New Roommate

Friday, November 10th, 2006, 2:30 pm

Friday is traditional for catblogging, so I decided to wait till today before introducing the newest tenant here at chez MeanGene. My wife (ex-wife, dammit) took all three cats when we sold the house, so they wouldn’t bother the suckers–I mean, prospective buyers–looking the place over. After it sold and I moved into the flat we figured I’d end up taking at least one of the cats off her hands, but they all got along OK and the transfer never took place.

Lately, however, Ernie the Cat had taken up some old, bad habits. Like rummaging around the bedroom at 3AM, whining and knocking things off the dresser. Jody couldn’t get a good night’s sleep and couldn’t give Ernie all the catttention he craved because she has two other kittens to deal with. Plus Ernie was never her favorite. He always seemed to gravitate toward me, so after one too many sleepless nights I agreed to take Ernie on.

Rather an emotional moment, the night when I picked him up. Ernie and Bert were littermates and have never been separated. How would they react? And after the divorce and selling the house and all that, splitting up the cats seemed like one final partition in our lives. Of course, all that melodrama was just, uh, melodramatic. She needed to get some sleep. I need a companion to keep me from getting even more peculiar. It’s a win-win.

Ernie seems pretty happy to be here. In fact, as I write this he’s lying across my broad, broad shoulders (one of his favorite resting spots) and purring away. Bert and Izzy seem to be adjusting well. Jody is sleeping through the night. And while Ernie has, on occasion. woken me up in the wee hours by knocking my alarm clock off the dresser, he does at least give me someone to talk to. Besides the invisible people who are always talking behind my back…

So it’s nice to have a roommate. Even one who sheds on my clothes and needs a daily pill to prevent seizures. He’s a good cat. And I promise this blog won’t take a cat-centric turn.

But what the hell:

OK, now even I think this is overkill. I’ll write something about chicks or guns or something later on.

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