Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006, 1:59 pm

No more Rick Santorum. How delicious to say those words. Melissa Hart’s office is a 2-minute walk away–should I leave flowers on her doorstep? The Democrats have the House and, once the recounts in Virginia and Montana are done, they may well control the Senate as well. I thought Karl Rove was a genius? Guess not.

Very satisfying to know that the electorate is smart enough to muck a bad hand. Very, very satisfying. Electing George Bush twice is something we still have to answer for, but at least this time we got it right.

Hopefully it won’t take a series of catastrophes to keep the voters interested in the future. We need to hold the Democrats who are taking control of Congress to the high standards we set for them last night. Seeing Rahm Emanuel nearly dislocating his shoulder patting himself on the back this morning did not please me. They all did a very good job. Kudos. Now the real work begins.

Stay involved, people. I for one am wondering how receptive the new Democratic majority would be to, oh, passing a law making online poker a legal and taxable activity? You know these perfidious Democrats, tax and spend, tax and spend, that’s all they know. How about raising $3 billion a year by legalizing poker and taxing it. Think of all the welfare queens who could use that money! Think of all the fabulous gay weddings! Maybe I’ll drop by and chat up Jason Altmire, once he moves into Melissa Hart’s old office.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down. Thank. God.

There are conspiracy theorists out there who think that Bush would have Rumsfeld step down, appoint Lieberman as Secretary of Defense, and then let Connecticut’s Republican governor appoint a new, Republican senator to replace Lieberman. Shifting the Senate back to the Republicans. Seems a bit sketchy to me, I have some difficulty understanding why Lieberman would want to spend two years trying to clean up Rumsfeld’s mess when he could enjoy being a power broker in the Senate, but what do I know? Other than Rumsfeld is apparently out.

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5 Responses to “Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day”

  1. Daddy Says:

    Now we go.

  2. Amy C Says:

    Hey MG,
    You guys should be proud. PA did a lot of heavy lifting on this one. Santorum wasn’t just another defeat – he was made to be the poster child for the message.

    Personally, I also derived much satisfaction to see UIGEA sponsor Leach “lick the wiggy” http://www.pokernews.com/news/2006/11/online-gambing-bill-leach-defeated.htm

    Rumsfeld just becomes the icing on my election cake today.

  3. The Oven Mitt Says:

    Maybe Melissa Hart and Jeff Habay can have a pay per view where they beat each other with baseball bats until one cant get back up. I would pay to see that.

    I have a feeling Jeff Habay has had a few bats smack off his face if you know what I mean. So I would bet on him

  4. Tom T Says:

    Wasn’t that nice to see little Rickie go down? As a former Pittsburgh resident I always had a special distaste for the putz. Phew. Nice election results.

  5. alan Says:

    Need any office cubicles?


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