So Much Fun

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006, 2:08 am

Poker has been an utter bloodbath the last three days. And I didn’t even play yesterday. Took a day off to shake whatever evil spirit was dogging me. Didn’t work. Tempted to cash out and call it a career. In the state where I don’t believe I’ll ever win a hand again.

Even when I hang a brutal suckout on someone it doesn’t pay off in the end. Played the Mookie tonight for the first time and hung a bad one on Hoyazo. I raised with KJ, he smooth-called. Flop comes Jack-high with 2 clubs and I bet the pot. He raises and I know I’m beat. Well, no I don’t, because I push all-in (I would’ve been pretty short had I folded). I convinced myself he was on a flush draw right up to the point where he turned over his cowboys. “Bye, gl everyone” I typed, slowly enough that when the Jack fell on the river I had time to delete it and type, “Wow”.

Did nothing after that. Maybe staying alive as long as I did kept me from a real catastrophe tonight.

Wrote about 1,000 words today for NaNoWriMo, each of them utter agony. I have trouble forging ahead when I’m not 100% happy with the sentence (or word) I’ve just left behind, and today was one of those days when it wasn’t happening. Tomorrow is another day.

I guess the brutal run I’m on is good research for the novel. Hopefully my dark mood won’t kill that too. Think I’ll go stick a fork in my eye and go to bed.

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