I Am King of All Pittsburgh Media

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006, 3:41 pm

Well, I’m on my way. This here blog was mentioned in a blurb in this month’s Pittsburgh magazine. Following in the wake of my appearance on the front page of the Post-Gazette, I will soon be the most famous person in the history of the world.

The article isn’t online, but I’m so desperate for affirmation I scanned it and I’m posting it here:

Notice that a shot of my blog is featured–it’s not just my posts that dazzle, it’s my mad web design skillz. Here’s what the article says:

“Mean Gene’s ‘Poker Blog’, for instance, became popular internationally because it drew attention from poker enthusiasts.”

Don’t know why so many folks put “poker blog” in quotes (I know I just did it right there, but I meant in relation to my own blog. You know what I mean). The magazine I believe wrote the piece thanks to the attention garnered by the good folks who started the Pittsburgh Bloggers site. There’s another blogger gathering next Thursday down that I’ll be going to. One thing I’ve noticed–when bloggers of any stripe gather in groups, alcohol is always involved. Interesting.

The issue this blogger piece appeared in features an article about forty of Pittsburgh’s best and brightest people under 40 years old. I know two of the people who were mentioned. I’m under 40. I wasn’t featured. Tears can dry.

Wrote about 500 words today on the novel. It would’ve been less painful to stick my fist in the disposal. This is gonna be a fun month.

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3 Responses to “I Am King of All Pittsburgh Media”

  1. JoeSpeaker Says:

    You’re growns up and you’re growns up and you’re growns up.

    Hey, if you fall behind on the Nano, you can always use the “demands of being an internet celebrity” as your excuse.

  2. Eric Says:

    Congrats again Mean Gene, way to keep up the 15 minutes of fame. LOL

  3. BSN Says:

    “Tears can dry”.

    Gotta remember that one… 😉

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