Fumbling and Bumbling

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006, 3:07 pm

Spent all of yesterday out of synch. Decided to go for a hike in the woods, rolled my ankle while admiring the scenery instead of watching where I was going. Plus I had ominous pain in my feet that reminded me of the plantar fasciitis that plagued me last year. Think it was my hiking boots. The pain was still there during our volleyball game, though I think I was able to stretch it out. Doesn’t hurt now. Fingers are crossed.

After drinking at the bar I got ambitious, unfortunately. I’ve developed a deep affection for my Crock Pot and I decided to slow-cook some ribs that I bought earlier in the day. They turned out just OK–I didn’t put much liquid in (besides BBQ sauce) but the onions I added gave up their water as well and I ended up with something like French Onion Rib Soup. It isn’t bad, but not the rousing success I hoped for.

Then I decided to 2-table at a higher limit than I’ve been playing. Just for fun. And I got killed, of course, the worst loss I’ve taken since I started playing again. Sigh, it’s as if I didn’t know that bragging about how good you’re running is ALWAYS followed by soul-crushing losses. From now on I’ll shut up.

A few random pictures from my hike through Hartwood Acres:

Wanted to take pictures of the deer that force me to stand on the brakes at least once a week, but only saw squirrels. Scores and scores of squirrels. The woods are infested with them. Nutkin here stood still long enough for me to snap a picture. Any idea how hard it is to peg a squirrel in the head with a rock? It’s harder than it looks.

There are a few small stables in the area, and as I hiked I came across of few horseshoe prints in the mud. I managed to avoid the enormous mounds of dung those horses tend to leave behind on the paths. How come people who walk their dogs in the park have to pick up after them, but folks riding horses can let ’em crap wherever, with no consequences? The horse lobby is powerful indeed.

Last Friday was really the best day to see the leaves, and then the ice storm and wind blew through Saturday and brought out the browns. Not much red, gold or orange left. It may be 60 degrees out, but winter is just around the corner.

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  1. tom Says:

    I was curious what poker site you are using in the new world. I switched from Paradise to Bodog but really hate the graphics and the pace of the game. Looking for a new poker home.

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