The Steelers Are the Best Team in the NFL

Sunday, October 29th, 2006, 9:00 pm

How can I make that seemingly ridiculous assertion? Simple–the Steelers are determined not only to beat the team lining up across the ball but to also beat themselves. It isn’t enough to post a mere W and move on to the next foe. Oh no. They have to beat the defending Super Bowl champions too. The fact that they ARE the defending champs doesn’t seem to give them pause.

Three season’s worth of mistakes and miscues in 5 games. They gave Cinci 21 points, gave Atlanta 21 points, and gave the Raiders 21 points today. Can’t do that and expect to win in the NFL. Even against the Raiders. Still, give the Steelers credit, even after doing everything in their power to ensure defeat they had a chance at the very end to win each of those games. And then they dug deep, and found a way to mess THAT up too.

Last week Steeler QBs combined to go 24 for 35 for 433 yards, five touchdowns, and zero interceptions. They lost. This week the Steeler D held the Raiders to 98 total yards. They lost. It takes a very special team to pull off that double.

Season’s over, alas. No chance to defend their title, no playoff run. I can’t quite find the anger you’d expect. Frankly, after the emotional toll of the last two seasons, a year where the Black and Gold repeatedly crap the bed will give me a somewhat relaxing winter. No playoffs, no nail-biters in January. My buddy Mark and I are already talking about the Draft. Which is in April. Gotta have something to look forward to. Since the only thing to look forward to the rest of this season is maybe keeping the Bengals out of the playoffs.

And hoping Big Ben can somehow turn it around. That’s probably the whole point of the rest of the season–getting Roethlisberger playing at a non-disasterous level. It’s sad to say, had Roethlisberger not played this season, we’re probably 4-3, at the very worst. Maybe even 5-2. Maybe 6-1. And it pains me to say this, but he’s the worst player in the NFL right now. Or, he’s played the worst. Nine games left before the season ends, and all we have to root for the rest of the way is that he returns to form. Because the playoffs are gone, gone, gone. It could get ugly. A 4-12 season is not outside the realm of possibility. Though that would make the Draft more interesting.

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3 Responses to “The Steelers Are the Best Team in the NFL”

  1. Pokerwolf Says:

    Bill Cowher and his medical team are damn lucky that Big Ben didn’t end up comatose on the field yesterday.

    I don’t care what any player says. When they take a concussion that leaves them unmoving on the field, they shouldn’t be playing next week. Beyond that obvious, no-brainer decision, if Batch had played the whole game, they would have won thanks to the defense.

    One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen occur on an NFL field.

  2. STeelerJosh Says:

    So true it hurts….

    The season to date has been an exercise in frustration with some bad luck sprinkled in (like salt in a wound).

    I wonder how different this season would have been if Ben had taken the simple precaution to wear a helmet. It is very -EV to ride without a helmet. I can barely imagine doing that, I would be worried the whole ride and would not enjoy it.

    Your post helped put a spin on this that I had not heard yet… but I fear it is not likely. They will win enough games to be middle of the pack (yet out of the playoffs) and will have to perform their annual draft magic from the middle bottom half of the draft.

    This season is bringing back all the bad memories from the 6-10 season (on the heels of the spectacular collapse in the AFC Championship against the Pats in 2001). Bah. At least I can still hate Cleveland, Cincy, and the Ravens with all my normal gusto.

  3. Drizztdj Says:

    Having someone play a game a week after suffering a concussion like that brings back memories of James Woods’ character from Any Given Sunday, or Jon Voigt in Varsity Blues.

    Steeler fans should be asking for the head of whoever cleared him to play, not blame it on Big Ben for wanting to play.

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