If Blogs Are Ghey…

Friday, October 20th, 2006, 2:38 pm

Or gay, or teh gay, or whatever online lingo you’d like to use, how are we to describe the people who keep up a running commentary when a few high-stakes players are battling online? I logged onto Full Tilt and see there’s a three-handed $1K-$2K limit game going with a “name” player involved. I saw the same game going on last night, so I check it out just to see what’s goin’ on. And just as last night, there’s a collection of…people cluttering up the chatbox.

Adam Schoenfeld said something about people who want SO MUCH to be part of the poker universe…I don’t have the exact quote at hand, but “pathetic” is the word that keeps popping into my head. And “pathetic” is certainly the word for the people who cheerlead for the big name at the table and trash-talk the others. Or vice-versa. Or propagate bizarre conspiracy theories about the legitimacy of the site. Or ask the players to transfer five bucks to their account because they’ve been “running bad”.

I just wanted to see the ebb and flow of a game far beyond my scope (there’s more aggression, that’s my brilliant insight) but I just can’t resist following the chat. It’s appalling, yet compelling. And somewhat reassuring–I may blog about poker and therefore not be of entirely sound mind, but I ain’t these folks.

Going out on an all-night bender tonight, which means I’ll probably be home by midnight. Yes, that’s sad. Was out late last night, don’t much feel like imbibing again. But promises have been made, schedules established. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Home around 2AM. Let me say this: there is nothing, NOTHING, more pathetic on this earth than seeing Pittsburghers line-dance to fucking Metallica. Don’t ask me for context. You don’t want it.

Let me say this also–Americans shouldn’t line dance. That’s something Nazis would do. Not Americans.

I danced. I did not line dance. I’d rather go to prison. If you think that’s braggadaccio. YOU DON’T FUCKING KNOW ME VERY WELL.

Line dancing. To Metallica. I wasn’t drunk enough, people. I don’t think it’s possible to be drunk enough. I suffered. Just watching, I suffered.

Still had a good time. Despite.

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4 Responses to “If Blogs Are Ghey…”

  1. chad Says:

    Good luck! Don’t puke in your shoe.

  2. sirfwalgman Says:

    This is why I added this guy to my bloglines:


    He was very good for a while but seems to have dissapeared. Nothing like seeing 200K pots go one way or another..

    I actually think I saw alot more folding in those high stakes game.. Sure alot of aggression and they got into big pots, but they also folded a TON..

  3. AlCantHang Says:

    Line dancing to Metallica? Oh the horror.

    Explain to me again why you haven’t moved east to the more civilized side of the state? 😉

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