Some Light Housekeeping

Sunday, October 15th, 2006, 11:00 am

On this fine Sunday morning I thought I’d catch up on some issues raised in previous posts:

So, how did the haircut go? Well, the word “catastrophe” isn’t one I use casually, but I want the record to be as accurate as possible. I went to the place where I got my last haircut and, seeing the shop was empty, took a deep breath and went inside. I felt pretty good at the start–nothing too asymmetric, nothing too ghastly. But when she got to the left side of my head (admittedly the Waterloo of many a stylist), disaster struck. I closed my eyes as she clipped so my pin-like follicles wouldn’t blind me, and when I awoke from this uneasy slumber found that, well, ugh. I have this rightward-bending shock atop my head, and everywhere else it’s pretty much buzzed. Not a total disaster (and I know disasters, believe me) but pretty bloody awful.

Compounding the horror was this stuff she put in my hair, which I can only describe it as “goop”. First of all, it gave my hair the texture of an artifical turf doormat–you know the ones. Second, it smelled like Pine-Sol. Seriously, who the hell makes evergreen-scented hair gel? As I staggered to my car I was sarcastically singing “O Tannenbaum” to myself.

I had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few items, but I couldn’t go to Giant Eagle looking like THAT. So I went to Wal-Mart instead. I mean, if you feel self-conscious in Wal-Mart, it’s time to pick out a nice cave and spend the rest of your days eating bark and berries.

Making things worse was that I noticed this AM that she didn’t really shave my neck, so I have this crew-cutting thing up top and a resprouting protomullet down below. I think another trip to Wal-Mart is in order, to get some kind of home-clipper thingy so I can at least keep my hairline trim and neat. Jesus.

I did make a big cashout the other day, but I kept a few bucks behind to play with and hopefully regrow my bankroll. Well, after a very successful week I did just that. I attribute my success to playing at higher limits. Not HIGH limits, mind you, but higher for me. I’ve played so small for so long that there’s no fun, no juice. I moved up to the point where a win or loss actually means something, and I started playing a bit better. Still have a problem playing too passively when I hit a big hand that isn’t the nuts, left a lot of bets out there, but you live, you learn.

I still have Aruba stuff to post, but now…I probably won’t post it. Don’t feel like it. Have a pic or two I might post, but perhaps not. Oh, with my poker winnings I went and bought a digital camera, so there might be more pictures here than in the past. One thing I learned in Aruba is that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Especially when you’re lazy and can’t think of anything to write.

What the hell, here’s one. I live about 3 minutes from two huge parks, and so I went for a hike a few days ago and took the camera along to try it out and maybe snap a pic or two of the deer that infest this part of town. Ended up nearly walking over two of them and almost crapped my pants as they broke cover and ran away. Anyway, let’s see how well this looks on the ‘Net.

Felt kinda like Ichabod Crane walking around there. Very pretty, but a bit ominous in places. Especially when I saw this:

I don’t think there were any archers out while I was walking around, which might be a good thing as I was wearing a brown sweatshirt and brown shorts and brown shoes and I have brown hair. Not exactly the full Bambi ensemble, but a bit of blaze orange might be a good idea in the future. Where I live is overrun with deer, and just about every time I travel on a side road I see one of these fender-smashing quadripeds blundering around. Deer are incredibly stupid and, unfortunately, incredibly solid when you hit them at 30MPH. Pretty to take pictures of in their natural habitat, not so pretty when their smashed corpses are lying at the side of the road, an all-too-common sight around here. I’ll refrain from posting pictures like that here.

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