Saturday, October 14th, 2006, 9:57 am

Michael Bolcerek, the head of the PPA, is on CSPAN right now talking about the ban. Just took a call from a lifelong Republican who said “I thought the Republican Party was about personal freedom, but after this ban, I’m starting to rethink that.” He’s STARTING to rethink that? Well, any path to the truth I guess.

Bolcerek is doing a good job, so far as I’ve seen.

“How dare they take that right away!” says an “old-fashioned woman” who doesn’t gamble or even use the ‘Net much. Bless her heart.

UPDATE: Everyone calling in sounds sleepy. Who the hell would call in to CSPAN at 10AM on a Saturday morning. Oh, yeah, look in the mirror.

So far no one has called in to say they approve the ban. Words like “outrage” are being used even by people who don’t play poker online.

The CSPAN moderator (don’t know his name) did a nice job of steering the conversation in the way we’d like. Hopefully they’ll repeat this interview during a time when more people are, uh, awake.

Join the PPA. Numbers matter. Make them fear us. Regardless of who “they” are. It’s nice to be feared.

Ooh, the winter fuels outlook conference is on CSPAN now! Damn, wish I had TiVo.

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4 Responses to “PPA on CSPAN”

  1. Bill Rini Says:

    Dude, of course they sound sleepy. They’re watching CSPAN!!!!!!!!

  2. Tom T Says:

    Make them fear us. Love that. Although I suspect we can’t. If we rise up in numbers to boggle their brains, fear won’t be the result. They’ll have gotten what they want, buzz-action to soothe their base, and then at best, they’ll back off and relent. Oops. Wait. I forgot. They can’t admit error. Okay. So then we’re just screwed.

  3. steve Says:

    At least the felons that are still allowed to work in the posts can get the lottery tix and pony bets in through the internet. This bill is almost as big a joke as Bill Frist. I for one plan to heckle him at every campaign stop during the NH Primaries.

  4. steve Says:

    ports not post. I was watching cspan too. 🙂

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