Lazy Sunday

Sunday, October 8th, 2006, 12:32 pm

Gonna drink some beer, make some Chili Beef (recipe upon request), and watch the Passion of Terrell Owens. My apartment is filled with the smell of fresh laundry–and that soothing scent actually comes from the laundry I did this morning, not from the can of Febreeze in my bathroom.

It’s a beautiful day out, blue skies, breeze rattling the shades. Have an article almost done, and I started a long post that grew too depressing so I tabled it for another day, maybe one when it’s raining. Played poker with friends last night, had fun, lost a few bucks, drank a lotta Yuengling.

Wish I had more to write about. But not really. Nice day out. Football on TV. Beer. This’ll do.

Actually, if a beautiful day, football and beer isn’t enough to keep you happy, read this, as I just did. Made me feel guilty, and mad, and grateful.

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  1. Daddy Says:

    If it’s a good recipe, I’ll take it. I am fat after all.

    Good day.

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