A Change In Scenery

Monday, October 2nd, 2006, 8:56 am

The view from my balcony at 9AM, yesterday:

The view from my balcony at 9AM, today:

I’m home.

I’ll post more pictures and stuff later on, maybe today, maybe not. I wrote up a nice final post for the UB site and then I couldn’t get logged on in my hotel room for the longest time. And I got paranoid about being late to the airport (ended up sitting around for over 2 hours) so maybe I’ll post it here later with the pictures. Later.

I’m home.

UPDATE: Of course, when I said HOME, I meant the GPS coordinates where my apartment is. I’m not “home” in the sense of I’m back in the United States of America, because the United States of America, sadly, no longer exists. I’m not speaking merely of the Internet Gambling Ban that was passed the other day, but the ban is a symptom of the disease that took hold of our country the day the Supreme Court decided George Bush should be our President.

Our nation’s history is full of horrible people who rose to high position in government. But what can you say about a country that elects George Bush and Dick Cheney to the highest offices in the land…TWICE. About a country that has it’s legislative bodies headed by people the quality of Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert?

Online gaming sites have seen their market value halved this morning. Follow the money. I don’t know if we’re done, but I hear a fat lady warming up in the wings.

Our country has been sliding into the morass for over six years now. It’s just our turn to get kicked in the balls, that’s all. Just our turn.

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