The View From My Window

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006, 10:13 am

Just a few pics:

Think I’m gonna go for a quick dip before I get to work this afternoon.

UPDATE: Still don’t have access to the Ultimatebet blog yet, hopefully soon. I’ve been hanging here, writing up stuff to post when I have access. Got to meet John Vorhaus, who as advertised seems a great guy. Met up with Linda, the legend, who’s dealing here this week (and will be staying on a bit afterwards). Quite a few of the pros are here–Antonio Esfandiari, Annie Duke, Russ Hamilton. Saw Jack McClelland walk by my seat a few times. And as I went to the rest room (my head cold refuses to let go) I saw Phil Hellmuth coming down the stairs.

I took some pics of the Wyndham poker room, though it took the folks working there a few minutes to decide they’d let me snap away. I guess the usual aversion to the press, in whatever capacity.

UPDATE: Still clattering away, still don’t have access to the site to post it there. I think everyone’s busy registering players, and after speaking to my boss I haven’t seen the tech guy to get me access.

I heard my first bad beat story! She had 6-4, he had Q-10, flop comes Q-6-4, push-call, and the guy hits a ten on the river. I feel confident that’ll be the only bad beat story I hear all week.

Except for the one I just heard.

And the one after that.


Oh, and I think poker players like betting sports. That’s my deep thought of the day. Hopefully be posting on the UB blog soon.

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4 Responses to “The View From My Window”

  1. donkeypuncher Says:

    That must suck…

    Enjoy sir!

  2. The Brother Says:


  3. kathie Says:

    Hey Gene, you should be sued for taunting. I appreciate the photos, but am terrifically jealous of your current location. Sounds like you’re having fun! Can’t wait for the updates.

  4. Alejandro Collins Says:

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