Ever See a Six-Foot Tall Chicken?

Friday, September 22nd, 2006, 7:53 am

Well, if you saw me right now you’d be able to say, “Yes, yes I have.” Ahh, I’m not that scared, fifteen minutes from boarding. I’m manageably terrified. Getting to the airport was fun, a lot more traffic than I expected, including one goon who refused to let a guy merge near Robinson and ended up winning the game of chicken and making the guy slam on his brakes just by the YIELD sign.

And of course going navigating the airport and going through security does WONDERS for the nerves. When I flew to Vegas my brother, an experienced flyer, was with me, and so acted as Virgil to my Dante as we navigated this Circle of Hell. This time I’m solo and I was so keyed up and jumpy I’m surprised I didn’t get taken aside for a quick FBI chat. The agent handling the baggage asked if I had any firearms in my luggage and I actually had to think about it a sec. “Firearms? Oh God, did I forget my firearms??”

I’d planned on having six beers for breakfast, but I decided against it. I’m a bit under the weather, actually, tho feeling better than yesterday, and I don’t think getting an early load on is a good idea. So instead I had an almond croissant from Au Bon Pain and an iced coffee that was, unfortunately, bitter as a spurned lover’s heart. Those are actually the words that went through my mind after I took my first sip, which should tell you all you need to know about the frazzled state of my mind.

Boarding in ten minutes. I’m OK. Gonna be OK. I’m actually pretty beat, so maybe I’ll actually be able to sleep a bit on the flight. Either to Philly or to Aruba. If I get the chance I’ll update later in my travels. If not, not.

UPDATE: OK, I’m here, in my room. The flight to Philly took less time than the drive from my apartment to the airport. We got stuck on the ground in Philly for close to an hour, but we motored on down and were only 15 minutes late. Hit the Aruban rush hour during the cab ride over, but I’m here, safe and sound. And with a room on the top floor of the tallest building on the island. You oughta see the view. You oughta feel the sun.

Now I gotta go find the folks I’m working for and see what bidding they’d have me do.

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  2. Proto Says:

    Have a great time!

  3. Georges Says:

    Gene Mean,

    Have fun Goin’ South on Freddy Deeb!

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