A Brief Aside

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006, 1:40 am

Watched the Steelers lay an egg in Jacksonville tonight–I kinda feel bad for Jags fans. First of all, you have to wear all that teal. That’s rough. That’s really rough. And then, according to the MNF crew, you define your season by how you do against the Steelers. Jags beat us last year, we won the Super Bowl. I’m sure that’s almost as good.

Anyway, played VB last night (man, I’m playin’ pretty good) and went to the bar afterwards to drink and eat what’s fried. Came home and played some half-soused poker while watching the two High Stakes Poker shows I taped tonight. In the middle of the second episode there was a commercial for a CD you can buy of Julio Iglesias singing “Romantic Classics”. OK, this is the sort of stuff you can expect to see advertised on stations like Game Show Network. And I’m certainly not opposed to Mr. Iglesias making a living.

Anyway, the first song Julio is crooning (if that’s the word) is “I Wanna Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. Wow, right off the bat we get the Foreigner. Is there a Spanish word for “wanna”? I don’t know. But seeing Mr. Iglesias in an immaculate tuxedo emoting Lou Gramm’s words into a is an experience to be savored. I mean…wow.

The next song nearly had my jaw hitting the table, Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talking At Me”. Again, the image of the tanned, sophisticated Iglesias singing a song immortalized in Midnight Cowboy…I can only say “jeepers”. Especially when you see Iglesias’s impassioned facial expressions as he sings.

Next comes the roll call of the timeless romantic classis Julio put on this collectible CD, though it only runs to three songs. “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”. “Careless Whisper”. And, I kid you not, Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind”. Seeing Iglesias nearly doubled over with longing as he sings Willie’s words…I was transfixed. It was like staring at the Gorgon.

My heart’s not made of stone. Sad songs about those unlucky in love affect me deeply. But it’s a bit harder for me to connect to the emotional turmoil in these gooey love songs when they’re sung by a ridiculously handsome, famous, and successful guy. Who didn’t write the songs in the first place. Frankly, I’d be far more moved listening to some tone-deaf slob sing “What a Fool Believes” in a sports bar during karaoke night.

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6 Responses to “A Brief Aside”

  1. Otis Says:

    Cappy got his meeting with the Governor because, just before his death, Collis had donated a large part of his retirement money to the Campaign to Re-Elect Campbell.
    “Jeeeesus, my daddy hated Dacusville,” I remember Cappy saying when he got his audience with the head of state. When Governor Campbell leaned across his desk to inquire as to why Cappy would want to tear down the one memorial the state erected in his father’s honor, Cappy leaned in real close and said much louder than need-be, “That is where Mama found her lesbian.”
    When I hit the punch line, the table—Billy included—erupted in spruts of beer and smoky coughs, slapping their hands on the felt and repeating the word “lesbian” in my rendition of Cappy’s mountain boy accent.

    “No offense, Hoppy” I said over my shoulder.

    “None taken,” she waved from across the room, like she did every time. Hoppy was a nice lady.


    Next: The Obituarium

  2. mookie99 Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed the Iglesias commercial. What cracked me up was how held the mic.

  3. Alejandro Collins Says:

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  4. Y2Krashman Says:

    Sorry to jack your post Gene, but happen to notice your recent absence of opinion from the Wide Awakes. There, in that world, you are a Gene-ius, the word-slinging hero of the more politically just. A deadly, cultivated expert of the most intellective mind. I long to read of the fundamentalist responses churned by your firing line of argumentative obliteration. Or have you too been banned by the evil creed of the ideologically inferior?

    Also take heart: I may have been followed. My cover blown. A Google search with the above alias may alert our conjectural enemies of my request.

    Entertain me this notion Mean Gene, you are my only hope…

    Seriously- love your arguments, and grow tired of reading my own. You’ve got a fan.
    Ta, Y2K-man.

  5. Mean Gene Says:

    Lol. Many times I’ve sworn never to go back there to tweak the noses of the 20-watt bulbs who reside there, but I keep going back. I can’t help myself. I’m weak.

    Lately it’s just gotten boring, and too much a waste of my time. Shooting fish in a barrel is fun, for awhile, but then you want something of a challenge.

    I never got banned, but they started selectively deleteing my comments. Too much work to try to counter them, I guess. So I started saving a copy. It’s all so pathetic. But fun, in a way.

  6. Y2Krashman Says:

    It must be somewhat rewarding to know that they must resort to censorship when ideologically threatened. If an individual can so threaten their argument, then they must be ‘red-carded’ from the Wide Awakes playing-field. All in the name of good-sportsmanship of course. It continually proves the fallibility of many of their ideological rants.

    Tell you what, I’ll strike you a deal. Every time they censor you, or delete your posts, email me. I DO have a rather entertaining methods for dealing with the hypocrisy of their rules of engagement. In other words, if you so wish, your voice, on their site, WILL be heard.

    You’re now officially captain of the debate team.

    -Y2Krashman aka Goshdarnit aka Reverse Censorship etc, etc, etc.

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