Where’s The Mute Button?

Sunday, September 10th, 2006, 3:05 pm

Is it me, or are the NFL announcers this year worse than ever? Their skill with language is on par with a junior-high shop teacher, there isn’t a cliche in the book they won’t hang onto like it’s a life preservers, and their “insights” about the game wouldn’t dazzle my mother. They seem perfectly incapable of watching the game and conveying the facts of what just occured. I’m watching the Browns-Saints game (don’t worry, I’m drinking) and Deuce McAllister obviously fumbled, the ball was out well before his knee touched, and these bozos are saying things like, “I don’t think you can conclusively say his knee was down before the ball came loose.” No shit! You can’t say that because the reply showed the ball WAS loose!

I do like the new graphics Fox and CBS are using, particularly CBS’s. Because their graphics last year were awful. I’m hoping that, as Super Bowl champs, the Steelers will get CBS’s top broadcast team this year, meaning I may go an entire year without having to hear Brent Jones’s voice, since Brent Jones is the worst color analyst in the history of sports. Worse than Beasley Reese. I kid you not.

What’s the deal with so many teams wearing their white jerseys at home? The Chiefs are, so are the Buccaneers. I don’t think either team regularly wears white, especially after Labor Day (really cheap joke). The Browns are wearing white, but they do that sometimes. Could it be the heat? Possibly, though it’s raining in KC right now.

Poker is absolutely kicking my ass. A break would be a good idea, I think. Look for problem spots, get the confidence back. Back. Yeah.

Oh. Playing a last SNG. I’m almost doubled up, I’m dealt aces. Chip leader raises. I raise. Guy with $10 more than me goes all-in. Chip leader is all-in. I call.

Aces. Kings. Queens.

Of course you know what happens.

The boards comes all rags.

Aces always win.

And besides, I’m a very good poker player.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    anyone else annoyed by the stupid sound effects on FOX games.

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