World Series of Deja Vu

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006, 10:10 pm

It’s a bit odd watching the WSOP after reading all the coverage of it this year. I see Chris Ferguson is all-in, and he’s up against this guy named Ryan Kallberg, and I’m thinking, wait, I know that name. And I knew Ferguson was about to hit the rail.

Tom McEvoy’s reaction to the jackass sitting next to him bellowing about how he held the nuts was hilarious. Sartre once said, “Hell is other people,” and he came up with that even though he wasn’t a poker player.

That was nice, everyone applauding when they made the money. Always enjoy seeing spontaneous expressions of greed. I mean joy.

The whole tattoo segment was out-freakin’-standing. Adam Schoenfeld’s commentary on people who get poker tattoos was pretty brutal, and I loved every word of it. I am surprised they showed Annie Duke semi-mooning the rail. Sort of disappointed it was only semi-mooning, too. What I would give for Annie Duke to appear on What Not To Wear.

Odd seeing the pro suck out for a change, as Annie Duke did at the end of the first show. But Annie’s statement, “Will a pro ever win it again? Probably not” is just as silly today as it was when she made it a few years ago. Sam Farha took 2nd in 2003, Josh Arieh finished 3rd in 2004, and a pro who I can’t name until the Final Table is shown did well this year too. A break here and there and we’d be asking if an amateur is capable of winning the bracelet.

Did they say one guy was called “Pocket Seven-Deuce”? WTF is that? I was getting a beer so I didn’t catch it. Now I’m gonna drink that beer.

Is it proper for a player who won a WSOP Main Event to ask the Poker Gods, “Come on, one time!” when he’s all-in on a coin flip? The answer to that question is a respectful “No”.

There’s CJ, getting the skinny on Dmitri Noble’s strategy! I haven’t been looking too hard for familiar faces, but hard to miss CJ there.

Hachem is all in, where’s Otis…where’s CJ…probably getting their drunk on somewhere.

“I wanna rebuy so bad you can’t believe it,” says Daniel Negreanu. Believe that.

CJ’s on TV again! Nobles said his name!!

The Poker Gods giveth, the Poker Gods taketh away. I lost $10 to a shortstack who went all-in with A-10 and hit runner-runner tens to best my queens, and then I cracked aces with queens to win $15. It all balances out in the end. Except you always end up five bucks to the good. Until you bluff it away.

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