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Saturday, September 2nd, 2006, 1:58 pm

In a reversal of my usual results, I’m running good in the micro NL games and getting killed in SNGs. So many coolers, but fortunately I’m getting them in the cash games. Stacked a guy with AA vs. KK, did it again when a guy limp re-raised me with AJ (?) when I had aces, then outflopped a guy with queens against kings and he put his money in after the flop. Conversely, in SNGs I ran kings into aces, had a guy make a runner-runner boat on me after I flopped a straight, and I just got knocked out when a guy called a big check-raise with second pair and hit on the river. Hard to complain too much, as overall I’m up, but why have a poker blog if you aren’t going to whine a bit?

With my new laptop an absolute beast I re-loaded PokerTracker and even bought PokerAceHUD so I could feel all cool and stuff. Wow. I didn’t use PT in between computers, and I never used any sort of overlay before. Wowie wow wow. I will say it now, I was a fool. The HUD has already paid for itself, as I took a big pot when I didn’t believe the all-in bluff of a documented moron. I’m taking a patient approach to my play, trying to learn a little something every day, get a little bit better. Long way to go.

Sad day here in Pittsburgh. Our mayor, Bob O’Connor, died last night. He was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer two months ago, and after he showed some early improvement his condition slowly deteriorated. A popular guy, very enthusiastic, obviously loved the city. He waited a long time to be mayor, and then just eight months after he was elected he passed away. Nope, life isn’t always fair.

Our new mayor is Luke Ravenstahl, who at 26 is the youngest mayor in Pittsburgh history. I don’t envy him the task he faces, but I wish him luck. He’s gonna need it.

Now I’m gonna watch some more college football. Nice cool day, nice cool breeze, got my Penn State jersey hanging on the door…I like summer, but fall is my favorite time of the year. Football, tailgating, good sleepin’ weather…yeah…

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