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Wednesday, August 16th, 2006, 5:48 pm

I will be posting my usual lakeside report soon, mostly for the amusement of those who were there and saw me LOSE A GIGANTIC POT WHEN MY KINGS WERE CRACKED BY A GODDAM 11-YEAR-OLD. You think YOU have a bad beat story to tell? Get out my face.

The WSOP has come and gone, and I will say nary a word about it here. Well, not about the winner, but a few comments. First of all, there’s a wee bit of controversy about the fact that there were (cue Dr. Evil) over TWO MILLION extra chips on the table at the end of the Main Event. Now, how “wee” this controversy is remains to be seen. The Quiet Lion doesn’t think it’s too wee, and either do I. Something went seriously awry, and I’ll be interested to see if Harrah’s does anything about it. Or if ESPN brings it up during their coverage. I mean, any boob with a calcuator can figure out that the chips don’t add up, so just ignoring it would seemingly not be an option. Then again, this is the network that gave us Bonds on Bonds, so anything is possible.

I must shake my finger and say “tsk tsk” at Phil Gordon for his latest ESPN column. He gives a roundup of the WSOP and mentions seeing Steve Lipscomb, the CEO of the World Poker Tour, wandering around. Gordon writes:

Ah, what must have been going through his mind as he witnessed the enthusiasm and excitement of nearly 8,800 players in a $10,000 tournament while the stock price, credibility and importance of the World Poker Tour (symbol: WPTE) slides steadily into the abyss

Normally this would be fair enough…except that Gordon doesn’t reveal that he’s currently engaged in litigation against Lipscomb and the WPT. To say that the WPT’s stock price is steadily sliding is a demonstrable fact, but Gordon’s jibe about the WPT’s “credibility and importance” slipping seems a cheap shot without him disclosing the ax he’s grinding.

Odd too was Gordon referring to Rafe Furst, Mark Vos and Allen Cunningham as “ancillary” members of Full Tilt Poker. An accurate term, perhaps, but it’s an odd choice of words.

Other than the lake I’ve played no poker save one SNG in the last two weeks. No time, no time. I learned on Monday that I had to paint the windows before the appraiser would approve the sale of the house, so I joyously spent five hours yesterday painting in the hot sun. The guy buying the house came over to help, which was nice. Because otherwise I might’ve gone a bitg goofy with my gas can and made a big smouldering mess of the place. I think yesterday broke the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia I’ve endured the last few weeks. I’ll miss the house…but there’s a lot I won’t miss. Closing is next Wednesday. Thank Christ.

My apartment still feels like a hotel room. It’s a total disaster area, as I’ve spent most of my time dealing with the house. No clue where I’m putting shelves, tables, chairs, etc. Clothes are piled in heaps, cans and boxes are piled in…heaps. I have heap issues.

I’ve been living there on and off for two weeks and I haven’t met any of my neighbors yet. I did see a little old lady come out one morning to get her paper, and I saw a guy that I swear I’ve played volleyball with one day. He didn’t recognize me, so maybe I was mistaken. I witnessed an attractive female walking in the other day, but I don’t know where she lives. My next door neighbor is a woman, and the other day she taped a business card on her mailbox. It lists her name, and then the skills she offers to the public.

They are: Massage. Energy Healing. Intuition Counseling.

I have no flippin’ idea what “Intuition Counseling”. “Energy Healing” sounds…interesting. And after all this moving my back is killing me…hmm. My intuition is telling me that sometime soon I’m gonna need to borrow a cup of sugar.

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3 Responses to “A Quicky”

  1. JoeSpeaker Says:

    You live next door to gypsies! Cool.

  2. Garthmeister J. Says:

    If you do go over, I am dying to know how Intuition Counseling works. Maybe it goes like this:

    : “OK, you want Intuition Counseling? First of all, you should have gone with your gut and asked about the Massage first.”

    : …

    : And if you do that, you may as well ask about the happy ending.

    : !

    I tell you, that would do wonders for Healing my Energy.

  3. Garthmeister J. Says:

    Ah! Stupid angle brackets! At the risk of bludgeoning a horse not worth it in the first place…

    GYPSY: “OK, you want Intuition Counseling? First of all, you should have gone with your gut and asked about the Massage first.”

    GENE: …

    GYPSY: And if you do that, you may as well ask about the happy ending.

    GENE: !

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