I Know What I Want For Christmas!

Thursday, July 6th, 2006, 10:59 am

The good news is that Isabelle Mercier made the final table of the $5K No-Limit event! The bad news is that ESPN didn’t plan on covering it. Are you kidding me? They force-feed Hold-Em to us with a funnel and plunger, and then they don’t plan to televise the biggest buy-in event short of the Big One? And the HORSE event, I know. But still, some of the decisions made by Harrah’s and ESPN boggle the mind. Go read what Pauly has to say.

The other bad news is that Phil Hellmuth is also at the final table, and he has chips. Oh Poker Gods, please, no. Don’t let him get his tenth bracelet. It’ll set poker back five years. It’ll give me indigestion. Please, please, let it get down to him and Isabelle, with Phil holding a 4-1 chip lead, and let her annihilate him. Let her break his spirit and let there be eight cameras filming it for posterity. Oh please, after all the nasty stuff you’ve done to me lately, withdraw my balance from the Karmic Bank and transfer it to her account. God, how goopy and romantic can I get…

Seriously, I was up until 3AM following Otis and PokerWire, and I feel more than a bit pathetic right now. Once it hit 1AM I guess I felt committed. The sad thing is, if Isabelle DOES win the bracelet then my chances of serenading her and winning her heart fall so low they have to be measured in degrees Kelvin. But it’s her happiness that counts, right?

Thing is, I won’t get to watch-read what happens. I’m going away to the lake this evening and I won’t be back until Sunday at the earliest. So I’ll be on pincushions the whole weekend. Well, I’ll deal with that by drinking a lot, eating a lot, bombing around the lake on the JetSki and drinking a lot more. And destroying Debbie with my fearsome poker chops. Last year I didn’t have any luck playing at the lake. This year, I dominate.

Wish I was going to Vegas to see the best and the brightest. Had a blast in December, and I’m sure everyone going will have a blast this time. Drink lots of water, get some sleep when there’s a lull in the insanity (this goes double for East-Coasters) and just enjoy yourself.

When I finally crawled into bed last night (this morning) I lay there for about five minutes before I heard that “tap…tap…tap” on my windows that I talked about yesterday. It was 3AM. Monsters be damned. I was tired.

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  1. KGBlovesOreos Says:

    hehe, sorry that Mercier didn’t win her bracelet… but look at it this way:

    If she doesn’t win the bracelet, the odds of you hooking up with her remain at 0.2%, but if she did win the bracelet, those odds would have fallen to 0.05%. Feel better?

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