Running Bad

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006, 9:39 pm

I said the other day that I was cashing out what little I had in my bankroll to do more responsible things (find a job, exercise, blah blah blah). Then I learned about Full Tilt’s 50% bonus and thought, hey, can’t miss an opportunity like that!

Mistake. Rather than tell you in gruesome detail what happened, I’m just gonna say that I got unlucky a few times and leave it at that. I actually just wrote an impassioned 1,500 word sob story about three hands in particular, but you don’t want to read about it and I’ve already had the catharsis of writing it. And of throwing up in my toilet five minutes ago. Well, most of it went in the toilet. Where’s that mop…

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a book you could read that could improve your no-limit game? A book written by someone whose advice you trusted and whose game you admire? Wouldn’t that just be something?

The WSOP is in full swing. Joe Hachem and Dutch Boyd are battling it out for the bracelet in the $2500 short-handed NL tournament. Not that I’ve been following it much. Not after I saw the picture of Isabelle Mercier posted on the PokerStars blog yesterday. Hey, see how much you get done after six straight hours of sighing.

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  1. doubleas Says:

    Thanks for the pimpage!

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