Getting a Result

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006, 11:42 pm

Took 3rd in Wil’s Garthmeister Classic tonight. Which was nice, especially as I fell asleep right before and only woke up three minutes before kickoff. Almost decided against it, as the two glasses of wine I had with dinner had me nearly down for the night, but I said what the hell. I ended up getting hit in the face with the deck, doubling up early then about quadrupling up in the middle stages when I was dealt kings, nines, and then queens a few times (once knocking out poor Gracie). I had a ridiculous run there, and I added nicely to my stack when I was up againt the chip leader (TheDibGuy, I believe) and flopped a set of tens. Maybe could’ve made more on that, but I just raised and took down a big pot.

I made two big boo-boos. I flopped a ten after raising with J-10, and after I led out I got raised. I just called, which was dumb. Either commit or ditch the hand. I ended up folding on the turn. Then I was dealt pocket sevens, raised, got a call by the big blind, and with two overcards I bet out. But a raise convinced me to lay down the hand. At that point we were three-handed and it pretty much crippled me. When I got knocked out I was quite disappointed. Played OK, got really lucky, finished 3rd, not a bad result at all.

But I think I’m gonna cash out my account and take a poker hiatus while I’m looking for a job. I’ve played way too much the last few days, and while the little bit of money I’ve made will come in handy (I’m eatin’ meat tomorrow!) there are other things I should be doing with my time. Like finding gainful employment, and getting the house ready to go. So I’ll just have to live vicariously through the lucky bastards playing in the WSOP, and the lucky bastards covering it.

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