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Saturday, June 24th, 2006, 10:00 pm

Got a bid on the house today. Not quite what we wanted, but in the ballpark. They don’t want to close until September, which is sort of later than I wanted, but in a way it’s a good thing. It gives me a bit more time to find a new job. I’m pretty sure I’m still going to move into the apartment I lined up, I got a ridiculous deal on it and I actually don’t have to pay rent the first two months after I move in. And then I get a discount on the first month I do pay. It ends up that I won’t owe a full month’s rent till December. I’ll find a job by then. Yeah. Of course I will.

The reason I got such a good deal is that the complex is a bit underpopulated. It’s a bit in-between, the location isn’t great, tho it is for me. Of course, that could change depending on where my next job is. But the apartments themselves are quite nice, it isn’t like there’s open gang warfare going on. Or bears.

In fact, I’ll be within walking distance of 2 all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets, a steak house that features an all-you-can-eat salad bar, every fast-food place imaginable, a Boston Market, three or four pizza joints, a wing-and-six-pack shack, a Quiznos, a hot dog joint, a beer distributor, a wine and spirits shop…put in a slots parlor and a strip club and I’d ask Grubby if he wants to move in.

My wife (ex-wife, dammit) is on vacation, so I’ve been over her place the last few days feeding the cats. I’ll admit that it makes me feel good that they not only remember be, they come over demanding to be petted. Makes me feel wanted.

Reading about my company’s downsizing in the paper the other day, the CEO said that the layoffs were part of a “transformation plan” designed to cut $110 million in costs over the next two years. The MBA in me looks at that statement and nods while tapping the chin. Fuel costs are killing us. Well, then. Sacrifices must be made. The sad clown in me looks at that statement and asks, “Why can’t I be part of the transformation?”

Driving to my wife’s (ex-wife, dammit) place the last few days I’ve had to pass my old building. It hurts. I might be going to the Pirate game Thursday. I’ll probably park right outside my building. I’m not looking forward to it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t love my job. The actual work, I mean. It wasn’t what I’d like to do for the rest of my life. But just about eveything else was great. Losing a job you really love must be hell. ‘Cause this sucks right now.

What also sucks is my poker play today. I went on a wicked tear the last 2 days, increasing my bankroll by about 140%. Which sounds more impressive than it is. I purposely didn’t mention it here, knowing I would jinx myself. Well, even thinking about it brought the jinx because I’ve given away about 75% of my gains today. A combination of cold cards, one really bad call, and some bad luck. And, what’s worse, some good luck wasted. Down to three in a six-handed SNG, I managed to hang on by hitting a two-outer on the river, a three-outer on the river, and having the board come a straight when I was drawing to three outs. And I still didn’t cash. And then I had to abandon a tournament when my realtor came with the paperwork for the sale of the house. I’m still up, oh, 60% from where I started, but I lost a lot today. Oh well. I’m still way up, just stuck in a variance trough. Focus on the positives.

No volleyball tonight, no beer. Decided on a quiet night at home. Doing some writing, both for fun and as part of my latest hobby. I found some loony right-wing site that purports to be a beacon of common sense in today’s blogospheric morass and I’ve been getting my jollies tearing them to shreds. Immature, I know, and a waste of my time. There’s no challenge in it, it’s like hitting a punching bag. Boy, that’d be a blast right about now, rumbling with a heavy bag. I have frustrations.

The goal that decided the Argentina-Mexico game was a corker. England-Ecuador tomorrow, looking forward to that. Kinda wish now I hadn’t cancelled my cable. Gonna be a long, silent summer. Then again, I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last two months, only…a few tons to go. No TV may lead to a sleeker Mean Gene. That and getting my ass away from the computer. And on that note…

UPDATE: Kept my ass in front of the computer to win my last SNG of the night, allowing me a night of peaceful slumber. My cause was furthered when an all-in semi-bluff came through. It was heavy on the semi–had a gutshot draw and overbet the pot. He called with just 2 overs, rather frisky–but then I rivered a seven make my straight. So instead of the day being a catastrophe, it was just a minor disaster. Things are looking up!

And on that note, I’m getting my ass away from the computer. For real this time. I’m sleepy.

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