There’s Got To Be A Morning After

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006, 3:54 pm

Thanks to everyone who wished me well after yesterday’s bad news. I guess I’m still a bit in a state of shock. Still not quite ready to move on. I think the reason the axe dropped yesterday was because our company announced its quarterly earnings yesterday and they needed something to appease the analysts. Cost-cutting always makes Wall Street smile. Wish I was Wall Street. Everyone would do what I asked.

I did not get ripped last night, instead going to my volleyball game in an upright position and playing fairly well. Went home, fiddled with Monster a bit, and incredibly found a job with my previous employer’s biggest competitor that is almost exactly what I used to do. Down to the same computer systems. What the hell, I’ll send ’em a resume. Even if it isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life, it’s the next few months that have my attention.

Last night a big storm rolled in around 2AM. The thunder woke me up and in my stupor I thought I was late for work. Nope. Then today I drove to my brother’s place to watch the US lay an ostrich egg against Ghana. Though the penalty call was merely the latest travesty from the boys with the cards, we didn’t deserve to win. Especially the set-pieces at the end, they were pathetic. Oh, my point was that I had to drive past my old building, and as it zoomed past at 55MPH I couldn’t help gazing at my old office. Sigh.

I made about twenty bucks playing poker today. Wait…could this finally be the right time for me to turn pro? I’ve been thinking about it–I mean, I do pretty well in the $5 SNGs. I think my game would translate well at the $30-$60 tables. Hell yeah!

Sigh, again. Boy I hate writing resumes. And cover letters. And here’s the most depressing part–there are jobs out there I’d enjoy, and be really good at. I have no hope of getting those jobs, because I don’t have experience. The jobs I DO have the requisite experience for I want no part of. A Catch-22, yes?

And if you’re in the mood for some irony, there’s the delightful epiphany I had last night before I fell asleep. All my life I’ve taken the safe, secure route. I worked jobs I hated because it was a paycheck, and I didn’t want the uncertainty of not having a steady income. I did quit a job once, but I knew I’d find something fairly quick and, besides, I was horribly depressed and my job was the reason. I could’ve packed up and moved to a part of the country where the economy was booming instead of stagnating. I stayed in Pittsburgh. I went to grad school and got an MBA because I thought it would help me get a better job, but all it did was convince me that I didn’t want a job where an MBA was a requirement.

I didn’t take any risks because I didn’t want to end up with nothing 15 years down the line. I carefully gathered up the crumbs and put them in a safe place and figured that was the smart move. And now it’s fifteen years later and…I’m right back where I started when I graduated from college. With a pointless resume and two months of severance.

The moral of this story, kids, is that sometimes not taking risks is the riskiest move of all.

I’m gonna take my entire bankroll and play the highest SNG I can find and see what happens.

Just kidding.

Darn it.

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7 Responses to “There’s Got To Be A Morning After”

  1. Daddy Says:

    Man, I’m getting bummed just reading this. I feel for you.

    You could always do what I do when life cracks my aces… Buy a plane ticket to Vegas. Take your entire bankroll. Bellagio. Chase uppers with downers, downers with uppers, and booze with beer.

    And fuck the living piss out of anything that moves.

  2. dugglebogey Says:

    Do you have any IT experience or are you willing to lie on your resume?

    Something could be worked out if you are willing to relocate yourself…

    Seriously though, good luck man. It felt like someone kicked me in the chest when I read your post yesterday. I was so upset I couldn’t comment until today.

  3. SirFWALGMan Says:

    Good point about risk taking.. Nothing is secure unless you are independantly wealthy and even that can go bad. I have yet to figure out how to get independantly wealthy though so until then screw me. Good luck on that SNG!

  4. Cindy Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your layoff. It feels trite to say that it’s all going to work out, but then again I really do believe that it will. And in the meantime we’re all rooting for you.

    I’m a big fan of risk-taking, particularly as regards careers. I’d say you could use this event as a chance to do something different, something you truly love. (Although I do hope you’ll stay in Pittsburgh, because this area needs sharp people like you.)

    One suggestion for job leads: the Pittsburgh Technology Council careers section is free to use. After you’ve had a couple of days to decompress, check it out:

  5. BadBlood Says:

    With respect to risk-taking…

    From someone who would like to take risks, but can’t (or won’t) due to familial responsibilities, go for it. You have nothing tying you down. You are young. You are smart. You have little to lose.

    Let those of us with wives, 2 kids, a mortgage and two car payments live vicariously through you. 🙂

  6. TripJax Says:

    Damn…just got caught up…

    I remember the last time this happened…I hope the best comes from it. A ton has been heaped on your plate…take it in stride good sir.

  7. Big Tom D Says:

    Gene –
    Sorry to hear of you bad run of luck…

    I’m on the other side of the state..

    How can I get in touch with you..

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